Why Denim Group?

Denim Group exists to build a world where technology is trusted. It’s what drives us to develop software that can withstand sophisticated attacks—and to do so as fast as you can write new code.

Our Philosophy

We Focus on Outcomes, not Activities

Our services are tailored to address the greatest areas of software risk with the lowest investment needed.

We are Trusted Advisors, not Auditors

As developers, we understand how code is built. Our ability to work with development teams helps our clients build more secure software faster.

We Understand the Advantages and Limitations of Automated Scanning

Our approach is to get as much of your application security program under automation as possible, but we also recognize where automation falls off and human beings must contribute. Many of the most serious vulnerabilities exist in application-specific business logic and are invisible to automated detection.

We Provide Value as Your Security Advocates within Your Development Organization

We know the challenges of being responsible for application security when you don’t have an application security background. We can advocate on behalf of the security organization to the development organization.

We Promote Open and Practical Solutions over Academic Orthodoxy

We understand that software development approaches can vary radically from organization to organization and even within organizations. We tailor our approach to best support the development approach of each.

Explore Our Capabilities

With decades of experience in large-scale software development projects and information security, our team has the experience to handle your secure software needs. Learn more about our team

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