Web Application Security Training

A Growing Need for Application Security Training

With security-focused training for your development team, you build security into your application development process. You also address compliance requirements set forth by compliance framework, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), requiring that developers be provided with secure development training.

PCI DSS requirement 6.5.a:
"Obtain and review software development processes. Verify that processes require
training in secure coding techniques for developers, based on industry best practices
and guidance."

Increase the security in your application development process with security-focused training for your development team. Denim Group provides everything from individual courses offered in classroom formats to entire training initiatives targeted at those building, testing and managing custom software.

Training Format

Classroom Training

Taught by practicing developers with years of multi-platform development experience, these classes provide a working knowledge of the threats and countermeasures encountered in the application security arena using a mixture of security concepts and hands-on development training. Instructors also provide development strategies, which fit into the software development life cycle, that your development team can implement immediately after completion.

Classroom training is a great way to kickoff security initiatives in the enterprise while providing students with the opportunity to ask questions. Material can be customized to directly address organizational concerns. More about Denim Group's Classroom Training Solutions >>

Why Denim Group Training?

Hands-on knowledge of practicing developers
Denim Group's curriculum is generated by secure application development experts from Denim Group. Unlike many security experts who just "talk" about security, Denim Group experts are practicing developers who spend a significant amount of their time actually building software, so examples and other content are pulled from real world experience conducting code reviews and developing secure software. They are also active in OWASP (the Open Web Application Security Project) and use industry-heralded guidelines such as the OWASP Top 10. All material is peer-reviewed to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Experience of world-sought trainers
Denim Group's experts have trained thousands of developers across the globe, so they are experienced trainers who know how to effectively deliver highly technical content. Existing customers include international Fortune 500 companies.

Structured approach to content development
The modularized content in Denim Group's courses has been developed to address specific learning objectives using a structured, building-block approach. This helps ensure that each lesson facilitates the learning objectives in the most effective way for the individual in training.

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