OWASP Summer of Code 2008



OWASP is kicking off their Summer of Code 2008 where you can earn money for advancing various OWASP efforts.  Check out the main site here.

This is a great opportunity to do research and development to advance the state of web application security and get compensated for your efforts.

March 25th is the submission deadline, so hurry up and put together the basic application information required.

These [Season] of Code efforts are one of the coolest things OWASP does so if you are interested in application security or have an idea for a project please put together an application.

dan _at_ denimgroup.com

About Dan Cornell

Dan Cornell has over fifteen years of experience architecting and developing web-based software systems. He leads Denim Group's security research team in investigating the application of secure coding and development techniques to improve web-based software development methodologies. Dan was the founding coordinator and chairman for the Java Users Group of San Antonio (JUGSA) and currently serves as the OWASP San Antonio chapter leader. Dan has speaks at such international conferences as RSA, ROOTs in Norway and OWASP AppSec EU.

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