CIO Update Article: Pervasive Computing Isn’t Everywhere…Yet

Pam Baker used a quote of mine in her recent CIO Update article “Pervasive Computing Isn’t Everywhere … Yet” (quote is on page 2). The article looks at how people carrying powerful mobile devices with them everywhere and all the time creates a whole new set of possible applications and ways for people to interact with technology. This is certainly exciting, but people and enterprises need to be aware of the potential security risks raised.

Already mobile devices have become a potentially dangerous new endpoint for enterprise security professionals to worry about. Phones store emails, contacts and other sensitive corporate information.  They have access to GPS location, audio recording, cameras and other sensitive personal information.  They connect to carrier networks and both corporate and untrusted wireless networks.

Developers must understand the responsibility they have to their enterprises and to their application users. Access to such enormous amounts of sensitive corporate and personal information makes mobile devices and the applications running on them incredibly attractive to attackers. Applications need to respect users’ privacy and they should be built “rugged” to operate successfully in a hostile environment.

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