Buzzword Bingo: All My Words Come Back To Me In Shades Of Mediocrity


Seems like a lot of folks enjoyed the Buzzword Bingo cards we posted in the lead-up to RSA this year. I should have known trouble was brewing when @quine asked on Twitter:


 So at least I wasn’t surprised last night when jericho from decided to play a round of Buzzword Bingo using the Denim Group website and blog. The result? Double bingo and a flattering Photoshop!


  [Photo(shop) credit: jericho from]

Fair enough – you got us. However, having spent a couple of days last week wandering the RSA expo floor I still feel pretty good about our content-to-buzzword ratio here at Denim Group. Hopefully everyone enjoyed (and continues to enjoy) Buzzword Bingo. And thanks to jericho and @attritionorg for keeping us honest.


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“Douchenozzle Marketeer”

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