Creating a Test Suite for Scanner Login Capabilities

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We received a lot of great feedback on William’s blog post titled “Automated Application Scanning: Handling Complicated Logins with AppScan and Burp Suite” Dinis Cruz has some excellent commentary on his blog post “A Small Step for AppSec, a Large Step for Knowledge Sharing

Some folks wanted access to the original site in order to test their scanner’s or service’s automated login capability against it. For a variety of reasons that’s not possible so instead I put together a couple of PHP pages that provide equivalent functionality and put them up in a GitHub project called authexamples. This specific example is in the loginplusquesion/ subdirectory, but I tried to lay out the project in such a way that other folks could contribute their tricky authentication examples to create a test bed of sorts. I kind of figured this might be of use for scanner developers as well as aspiring scanner users. We’ll see if this catches on!

What other interesting authentication schemes have folks seen that could be included?

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