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Application-level security is a growing area of focus in both the application development and information security fields. Moving beyond the infrastructure focus of traditional information security practices, application-level security involves auditing the code and databases used in custom-developed applications.

To address the growing concerns of application security, Denim Group develops secure software, helps organizations assess and mitigate risk with existing software, and provides training on best practices in software security.
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A Closer Look At Obama's Plan To Protect Consumer Data
January 13th, 2015
President Obama recently spoke of a cybersecurity proposal that would have companies alerting consumers if their data had been hacked within 30 days of the breach. Denim Group Principal John Dickson spoke with NPR about how effective this proposal could be and what additional standards need to be clarified with the proposal.
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Doubts remain on North Korea role in Sony attack
December 29th, 2014
Rob Lever spoke with Denim Group Principal John Dickson regarding the recent cyberattack on Sony Pictures. Dickson notes his skepticism that North Koreans acted on their own without help from a third party or government.
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Security News No One Saw Coming In 2014
December 22nd, 2014
Denim Group Principal John Dickson looks back at the top list of surprising security headlines from 2014 and what that means for the future.
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Top Cybersecurity Issues of 2014: Overrated or Underrated? IndustryView
December 18th, 2014
As 2014 comes to a close, Denim Group Principal John Dickson weighs in on the 'Year of the Breach' and the significance of consequences for the C-suite.
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Denim Group addresses your security and privacy requirements by building software to withstand the probes and attacks likely to be encountered when the software is in production on the Internet. This more "rugged" software helps clients reduce downtime and disruption because the software is built to withstand a variety of attacks. Denim Group's assessment process augments automated testing with advisory services to provide an in-depth look at security vulnerabilities in software. The results of Denim Group's assessments are actionable and the remediation path is straight-forward. Increase the security in your application development process with security-focused training for your development team.
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Taught by practicing developers with years of multi-platform development experience.

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