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Security Teams Need to Understand How Developers Tools Work

Buckminster Fuller famously said that giving people a tool will shape the way they think. Similarly, when it comes to development teams, understanding how development tools work can provide a valuable window into the developers thought process. Security teams can use these insights to better advance their agendas and get vulnerabilities detected and fixed faster. […]

Disentangling the NSA and Cyber Command

John Dickson, a former Air Force intelligence officer and now a Principal at the Denim Group, says “the roles [of the NSA and Cyber Command] are fairly distinct. One is to collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence to national command authorities and decision-makers. That is the NSA’s intelligence side. The other side is to protect and […]

Uber Allowed Chinese Partner to Track Location of Users Around the Globe, Study Finds

John Dickson, a former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer and a principal at security specialist Denim Group, said that if a Chinese company has access to this type of data, he would expect the Chinese government to use big data analytics tools to sift through the information and track the location of key individuals, such […]

Threadfix Wins Two Awards for Excellence

San Antonio-based Denim Group recently added two more awards to the long list of honors for its groundbreaking products and solutions that set high standards in all areas of security and technology. Their product ThreadFix was named a Silver winner in two award categories of the 13th Annual Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards. ThreadFix was also named a […]

How’s He Doing, So Far?

“John Dickson , principal, Denim Group: It’s too early to tell, but the Giuliani appointment was a positive step because it could elevate cybersecurity within a Trump administration given Giuliani’s profile and political stature. Also, it appears he is moving quickly to study cybersecurity protections for federal government agencies, which needs a re-haul and continued […]

Confronting the Russian cyber threats

“I suspect most of the DoD and intelligence community have their security acts together, although the insider attack performed by Edward Snowden against NSA proves that even the most paranoid have weaknesses,” Dickson says. “I think the government agencies face two problems. First, they run a ton of legacy systems and have various constraints that […]