Vulnerability Remediation

Prioritize Risks and Resolve Software Vulnerabilities

Most internal development teams are experts with coding and application development. Unfortunately, they often have little to no time for remediation, as they are usually tasked for months on actual application development.

We Understand How to Efficiently Fix Code

Unlike other security-centric firms that focus on the reporting of vulnerabilities, our seasoned development team can also prioritize risks and resolve software vulnerabilities that may exist in your applications.

We are Practicing Developers

Our consultants are all practicing developers who track the latest software trends and methodology and have the expertise to fix vulnerabilities in the source code.

How We Approach Remediation

Remediation projects consist of two major types of phases: Planning and Execution. Planning phases lay out a structured approach and agreed-upon expectations for one or more Execution phases.

Planning Phase

The planning phase is used to establish a structured approach for addressing vulnerabilities and to create a shared understanding of which vulnerabilities are going to be addressed, when and how they will be addressed. Planning phases consist of three required steps:

  1. Calculate Risk
  2. Determine Level of Effort
  3. Establish Standards

Execution Phase

During the Execution phases, developers actually address vulnerabilities and put the remediated code into production. Execution phases consist of three required steps:

  1. Fix Vulnerabilities
  2. Confirm Fixes
  3. Deploy

Post-Assessment Remediation Support

If your internal team lacks the time or resources, our security team can assist with remediation in several ways:

  • Our team can handle the entire remediation process from beginning to end.
  • Members from our Security Team can augment your development staff through our Mentor Program.
  • We can provide Remediation Strategy Consulting Services for your team.

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