Secure Application Development

To addresses your security and privacy requirements, we build software to withstand the probes and attacks likely to be encountered when the software is in production on the Internet. This more “rugged” software helps clients reduce downtime and disruption because the software is built to withstand a variety of attacks.

Software Built to Withstand

Trained Secure Developers

All of our developers have been trained in a culture that produces resilient software for our clients. Our team goes through a series of online and group training exercises when onboarded to better understand the foundations of building secure code.

Secure Design & SDLC

We design software that, from the ground up, takes privacy and security requirements as baseline design factors. We also conduct threat modeling on our applications before we build a line of code in order to avoid the most egregious security vulnerabilities. Finally, we build “abuse cases” to better understand how attackers might view the software.

Security at Every Stage of the Development Process


We consider threat modeling and abuse-case scenarios during the envisioning process.


During the development process, our developers conduct source code reviews.


We make secure deployment recommendations upon project completion.


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