Security Advisory Services

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We Help Minimize Risk with Enhanced Security Programs

We know the world of security and risk management is challenging and ever-changing. Fortune 500 companies and government agencies rely on our wide-ranging expertise crafting and implementing security strategies to help successfully moderate risk and implement enhanced security programs.


Software Security Assurance Program

We craft software security strategies optimized to enable organizations to achieve their short and long-term security goals. Learn more about our approach


Threat Modeling

Our team analyzes the inherent threats and security weaknesses within your development process and creates a punch list of problems areas to address and best practices for your team moving forward. Discover what’s unique about Denim Group Threat Models


Risk Assessment

With a broad experience base spanning compliance requirements and technical security controls, we help organizations minimize risk and prioritize future security efforts with comprehensive risk assessments. Explore our customized approach to Risk Assessments



Our instructors are both professional security consultants as well as experienced software developers, providing students with pragmatic lessons on how to best build secure systems and test systems for serious security flaws. See our current course offering