Software Assurance Programs

Goal-Focused Security Strategies Tailored to Your Organization

Whether you are looking to ramp-up your application security program, or are seeking outside validation, we help organizations craft and optimize software assurance programs to achieve short- and long-term security goals.

Our security consultants help organizations understand the security process across the whole software development lifecycle. We start with research and interviews across the organization in order to build a macro view of the security state of the organization. From there, we can identify the effectiveness of current efforts and pinpoint specific areas that need further attention.

Independent, 3rd-Party Recommendations

Like our testing methodology, our recommendations are pragmatic. With an outside perspective, we can focus on the right program to meet your organization’s goals and security needs, regardless of technology or doctrine.

Prescriptive Next Steps

By tailoring a program specific to your needs, we can understand major problem areas, turn that into a prioritized list of tasks and create a roadmap of both short- and long-term goals.


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