Due Diligence Testing

Evaluate the Technical Risk of Your Potential Investments

Most private equity, venture capital or acquiring companies engage an army of attorneys and financial analysts to uncover legal risk associated with a deal. However, only a small subset of these companies enlists security firms to identify similar risks in the IT and cybersecurity realm.

By not assessing IT and cybersecurity risk, you leave a huge aspect of the organization untouched. From possibly discovering a network that is currently compromised by an advanced threat to uncovering reliance on legacy systems, finding security risks after a deal can easily alter your return on investment.

Why Engage with Denim Group?

Our diverse security background enables us to provide financial decision makers with the technical feedback they are looking for in their due diligence process. Through 3rd-party, deep technical testing of company applications, networks and supporting systems, we identify the most important potential risks and communicate them within the decision-making timeline of the client.

We Speak Business, not Technology

Most decision-makers are business and financial experts – not technologists. We deliver our reports in business terms to help clients make smart decisions in relation to their technology assets and cyber security risks.

We Cover IT and Cyber Security Risk

Our team has a broad understanding of information technology risks which might affect any acquisition or investment. Be it outdated technology infrastructure, key person risk, or lack of IT strategy, we can help you understand the serious and less obvious technology risks that might lie just below the surface.

We Work for the Most Sophisticated Fortune 500 Companies

We have experience testing a wide range of technologies for the most sophisticated financial and retail Fortune 500 clients, including web applications, identity management systems, IoT and wearables and mobile. If a company has serious vulnerabilities in their products or web presence, our consultants will find them.


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