Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Make Strategic Decisions to Secure the Organization

Are you looking for solutions to protect your company’s data and give you a better understanding of your overall state of security? We realize that with the ever-changing technology landscape, keeping a handle on information security requirements can be a challenge.


Denim Group Solutions for the CIO

We help organizations plan, manage and prioritize information security efforts. Learn more about our services below, or contact us to discuss your organization’s specific needs.

Risk Assessments

Our team of security consultants help to identify areas of exposure and prioritize future security efforts through Risk Assessments. Learn more about our process

Software Assurance Programs

We help organizations craft and optimize enhanced security programs that help them achieve both their short and long-term security goals. Explore our Software Assurance Program

Network Security Testing

When testing networks, our experience in architecture, cloud and application security allows us to provide the greatest insight into your organization’s true security risk. Read more about our testing services