Development Manager

Build Software Security into the Development Process

The ultimate goal for the development department is to create highly secure applications with cutting-edge features. As the Development Manager, you know that development and security oftentimes have competing priorities that create conflict within the organization.


Denim Group Solutions for the Development Manager

Denim Group can support development teams with tools to build security into the development process and streamline vulnerability remediation time to give you more time for building new software features. Learn more about our services below, or contact us to discuss your organization’s specific needs.


In addition to reporting vulnerabilities, our experienced development team can prioritize risks and resolve software vulnerabilities that may exist in your applications. Our consultants are all practicing developers who track the latest software trends and methodology and have the expertise to fix vulnerabilities in the source code. Discover how we approach remediation

Security Product Integration

We help maximize the value of your investment in industry-leading security tools by configuring them to work together. using the ThreadFix vulnerability resolution platform, we automate the matching merging and de-duping process of reporting from dynamic, static and interactive application scanners. Learn more about our Security Product Integration offering


Even the best team can benefit from training. From introductory courses for entry-level employees to advanced topics for senior employees, our training program provides a hands-on learning experience taught by world-sought trainers in a proven structured training approach. Explore our current course offerings