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The Self-Healing Cloud: Protecting Applications and Infrastructure with Automated Virtual Patching

Presented by Dan Cornell on November 17, 2011

Organizations often have to deploy arbitrary applications on their infrastructure without thorough security testing. These applications can contain serious security vulnerabilities that can be detected and exploited remotely and in an automated manner. The applications themselves and the infrastructure they are deployed on are then at risk of exploitation. Configuration changes or vendor-provided software updates and patches are typically used to address infrastructure vulnerabilities. However, application-level vulnerabilities often require coding changes to be fully addressed. Virtual patching is a technique where targeted rules are created for web application firewalls (WAFs) or other IDS/IPS technologies to help mitigate specific known application vulnerabilities. This allows applications to be "virtually" patched prior to actual code-level patches being applied.

In this webinar, Dan Cornell will examine the automatic creation of virtual patches from automated web application security scanner results and explore scenarios where this approach might be successfully employed. He will discuss theoretical approaches to the problem and provide specific demonstrations using Open Source tools. Finally, he'll look at opportunities to apply these techniques to protect arbitrary applications deployed into arbitrary infrastructures so that short-term protection against common web application attacks can be consistently applied while minimizing false blocking of legitimate traffic.

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