Are You Covered?Go beyond the limitations of automated security testing tools.

Application Security Assessments

Our security experts examine your portfolio to identify the riskiest areas and determine the right testing approach for securing your critical systems.

Assessment Capabilities

Different Application environments bring unique challenges to information security in that a single application may consist of a number of different web services and native code components.

Determine the level of your security

Are you assessing the right applications?

Many organizations don’t have a full inventory of their applications. Understanding which applications pose the most security risk can be even more difficult to determine. Our risk ranking and assessment planning approach quickly clarifies which applications deserve your attention and how to assess their security.

Are you conducting the right types of assessments?

Automated security testing tools may only find up to 14% of an application’s vulnerabilities. Our assessments range to fit your needs and budgets.

Are you running assessments frequently enough?

With new releases, applications can expose new vulnerabilities. We can help develop an assessment schedule that integrates with your development cycle and catch vulnerabilities before they’re deployed to production.


You have assessment results. Now what?

Explore our other offerings to help build security into your organization.

Why Denim Group

The application security industry is dominated by firms that rely heavily on automated tools to perform security assessments, the results of which are communicated in templated reports that capture only the most obvious vulnerabilities and provide little context about the true risk associated with the vulnerabilities.

At Denim Group, we take a broader view of security. We see the results of automated static (SAST) and dynamic (DAST) scanners as a starting point for analysis, and we understand that the results of these scans must be cleared of false positives and placed in the context of true business risk analysis before they are valuable to decision-makers. In addition, Denim Group understands that entire classes of vulnerabilities cannot be found by automation, but instead are found through threat modeling, manual security testing, and manual code review. Denim Group’s assessment offerings are tailored to the business risks associated with applications, and are combined with a focus on making the results actionable – so that organizations can prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities and reduce their exposure.

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