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IoT Security Assessment Services

Millions of new IoT devices are being produced every year, presenting new security and privacy challenges for both developers and the teams working to integrate them into their organizations. Our experienced team of IoT specialists understand these challenges and have developed custom assessment tools that not only identify the security risks within a device, but also the security risks associated with the transfer of information across networks and between devices.

Why Choose Denim Group?

We’re not just testers, we’re also practicing secure software developers. The end result: our assessments identify vulnerabilities beyond what standard checklists and automated scanning tools provide.

As part of our assessment process, we test your IoT devices against a wide range of attacks including spoofing, tampering, denial of service (DoS), information disclosure, elevation of privilege (EoP), and more. A detailed report will guide your team through the remediation steps necessary to secure any gaps or footholds discovered during the simulated attack routine. Or for full service support, our team can deploy a remediation solution for your organization.

We Use Industry Leading Tools to Test the Whole System Your Device Operates in

• Wired and wireless interface testing via Multimeter & Wireshark, Split-port adapters, UART, Flash Dumper, network bridging, BLE Sniffer, Ubertooth One and more.

• Software and firmware profiling and testing including Binwalk, IDA Pro, Binary Ninja, firmware emulators (QEMU) and others.

• Transport layer profiling and MITM testing including, but not limited to tools such as Wireshark & Bettercap.

• Network perimeter testing and web interface testing utilizing Nmap, Nessus, Metasploit, IBM AppScan, Netsparker, Burp Suite, ZAP Proxy, SQL Map, custom client harnesses and similar tools.

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