A Focus on the System as a Whole, Not Just the App

Mobile Application Security Testing Services

Mobile applications bring unique security challenges: a single mobile application likely consists of web services, embedded browsers, native code components, and third-party services. Given Denim Group’s experience testing mobile applications across industries and on different operating systems, we understand the risks specific to mobile applications and all the supporting components of the system as a whole. Our testers bring with them extensive secure software development experience, allowing them to provide pragmatic remediation guidance for teams responsible for sensitive mobile applications.

How We Approach Mobile Testing

Our team combines web application security testing techniques with those specific to mobile computing environments. We base our approach on emerging industry standards, including the OWASP Top 10, the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS). These capture the major classes of vulnerabilities and weaknesses that might exist in systems incorporating mobile applications.

We Test for Security Vulnerabilities Common in Mobile Applications

  • Application permissions models
  • Encryption APIs and hardware-supported encryption capabilities
  • Security of network communications and data transmissions
  • Residual data analysis of local storage and caching (passwords, usernames, PII and other sensitive data)
  • Application licensing
  • Session hijacking
  • Security of device backup mechanisms
  • And more…

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