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Telework Hurdles Require Strategy and Culture Changes

For many, even two weeks ago “feels like a million years ago,” said John Dickson, principal of Denim Group, an enterprise application security consultant based in Texas. From what he has seen, the readiness and capacity for remote work depends largely on the strategy and culture of each organization.

Coronavirus sparks phishing, disinformation, tabletop exercises and handwashing

John Dickson, principal at The Denim Group, told SC Media during a podcast that his company was slated to hold a tabletop exercise to test its computing resources after Dickson returned to the company’s San Antonio, Texas, headquarters in the aftermath of the RSA Conference that AT&T, IBM, Verizon and a slew of other companies […]

SC Podcast: Mitigating Coronavirus: Purell and a good business continuity plan

At RSA when the talk turned to coronavirus – as it most certainly did after major vendors like AT&T, IBM and Verizon pulled out of the show – security pros cautioned organizations to safeguard their resources and assets and minimize disruptions by preparing now. In addition to washing your hands and using hand sanitizer (ubiquitous […]

Follow the cybersecurity money

“I think there is more money chasing limited companies,” says John Dickson, principal at the Denim Group. “Why do I think this? The daily inbound solicitations from venture capital and private equity companies tell me it’s a seller’s market.” The challenge facing those startups – and their potential customers – is a cybersecurity industry that […]

Next Moves For AI

John Dickson, a principal at Denim Group, regards the current crop of breathless claims about AI in security to be something of an irrelevant distraction. “The promise right now outweighs the delivery, but stay tuned,” he says. “The promise is too compelling to ignore.”

Iowa vote tally app debacle should inform security, tech in future elections

The quick delivery of the IowaReporterApp – developed by Shadow Inc., a company created by Democratic operatives who worked on the Clinton campaign – and its application to a complex caucus process made more complicated by expanding reporting to include three sets of results – almost certainly ensured chaos, inaccuracies and questions about cybersecurity. “There […]