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DevSecOps Definition: New Challenges, New To-Do’s

Dan Cornell, CTO of Denim Group, an application security company, calls known vulnerabilities “silent killers.” “You can’t expect every organization to have the level of inspection to proactively catch subtle and complicated vulnerabilities,” said Cornell. “But the ‘silent killers’ are the more mundane vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting and SQL injection, which have existed and been […]

RSA 2019: Tracking the state of cybersecurity

As with any complex technology, it can be difficult to parse vendor claims from deliverables, said John Dickson, a principal at the Denim Group, an enterprise application security consultancy. “The lack of familiarity with AI is so large that vendors can make any preposterous claim and no one can push back because they don’t know […]

An executive conversation on AppSec with John Dickson, Principal Denim Group

Jack’s conversation with John is another episode in our app sec series exploring John’s unique perspective from his time advising companies at the Denim Group to his work with the Air Force and the State of Texas.  Jack and John riff on software security trends, the security industry in general and John’s famous “no purchase authority” t-shirt.

How to Launch a Career in Application Security — CyberSpeak Podcast

On this episode of the CyberSpeak with InfoSec Institute podcast, Dan Cornell, chief technology officer at Denim Group, discusses his career journey and some of the steps you can take to begin a career in Application Security (AppSec). In the podcast, Cornell and host Chris Sienko discuss: How did you get interested in application security as […]

New patent in war against hackers

Computer hackers are a huge problem all over the world. So, when a local San Antonio company comes up with a new solution to combat those very hackers – an exciting buzz can be felt inside the S.A. scene. Get a look at Denim Group’s new patent in the war against illegally cracking code.

Web Vulnerabilities Up, IoT Flaws Down

Companies need to automate both their scanning for vulnerabilities and use agile develop methodologies to fix security issues as early in the software-development cycle as possible, says Dan Cornell, chief technology officer for the Denim Group, a software-security firm. “I think we are still at the saturation point, where organizations have a much greater focus […]