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Elections agencies have a lot of security work to do before November, state and federal officials tell Congress

“No one wants to be the next John Podesta” — the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, whose personal emails ended up on Wikileaks after he fell for an email fraudulently claiming to be from Google — “but the biggest problem is you’ve taken 50 secretaries of state and 5,000 county officials, these sleepy government […]

Waging cyber war without a rulebook

Such cooperation is critical to establishing international rules of engagement in most domains of war, according to John Dickson, a former Air Force officer who previously served in the Air Force Information Warfare Center. While other domains of war have had millennia to develop clear lines of engagement, there’s still significant uncertainty around how best […]

New infosec products of the week : June 15, 2018

ThreadFix provides application security scalability to the enterprise Denim Group announced the availability of the latest version of ThreadFix, the company’s application vulnerability resolution platform for developers and security professionals. ThreadFix 2.6 offers customers the ability to actively maintain a high volume of applications, while reducing automated scanner findings, saving time and helping security teams […]

Facebook Claims 99% of Extremist Content Removed Without Users’ Help

The extremists won’t make it easy. “They have become very good at putting a reasonable ‘face’ on much of their online recruiting material,” explains John Dickson, Principal at the Denim Group. “Once they have someone interested is when they fully expose their intent. Given this situation, I’m not sure how [the algorithms] don’t create a […]

The Cyber Wire Daily Podcast 6.5.18

Denim Group Principal John Dickson joins The CyberWire Daily Podcast to discuss securing voting infrastructure ahead of the 2018 Mid-Term Elections.

RSA SPECIAL: Is it time for a cyber UN?

When it comes to military tactics, the concept of information warfare and the use of malware to challenge the attribution of an attacker are often disregarded. John Dickson, Principal of Denim Group and former U.S. Air Force officer speaks to TEISS about this tactic or ‘Fog of War’, as well as considering whether it’s time […]