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Cyberexperts Warn of ‘Turbulent Air’ in Election Ramp Up

“I see a sense of urgency in terms of [election security] funding at the federal level, but I don’t yet see that translate to the state and local level,” said John Dickson, a former intelligence officer with the U.S. Air Force, who today works with the government-focused security firm the Denim Group.

Dickson, who recently wrote an op-ed in which he encouraged voters to vote early and avoid online disinformation, said these attacks have pointed to flaws in the system by which our elections are administered, and they suggest areas where governments could better work together to prevent attacks.

“The irony is that its the federal agencies that have all the funding yet have the least amount of authority or operational control. It’s the state and local guys that have all of it,” he said, explaining that our system basically relegates large agencies like CISA, DHS and DNI to a “cheerleader” role, when it would be much more beneficial to have them play an active, defensive role.

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