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With Various Threats, How Secure Is the 2018 Vote?

Of course, there are other ways to undermine an election. “Denial of service, robocalls,” said John Dickson, principal at Denim Group who advises business and government officials on cybersecurity. “There are so many cheap and easy things to do that are not involving some of the infrastructures that could totally undermine that.” Facebook and Twitter, […]


“There are so many cheap and easy things to do to undermine the election system that have nothing to do with voter infrastructure,” said John Dickson, a principal at Denim Group, where he advises business and government executives on cybersecurity programs. “It’s not about the voting machines. It never has been.”

Ep. #20, Using ThreadFix with Dan Cornell of Denim Group

In episode 20 of The Secure Developer, Guy speaks to Dan Cornell, CTO of Denim Group, the developer security firm behind ThreadFix, a vulnerability resolution platform.

Why app sec and QA testing teams need to partner

Dan Cornell, CTO at application security services consultancy Denim Group, said combining the strengths of the QA team with the app sec team creates critical mass. “QA teams are large and well-established when compared to app sec teams. Incrementally expanding their mandate to include aspects of the app sec program is a great way for […]

DevOps Demystified: A Primer for Security Practitioners

Today, I worry that security professionals have a similar knowledge gap and struggle to grasp the profound differences that DevOps influence is having on how we build and deploy code in key settings, such as medical device design, digital banking services, and software solutions for oil and gas exploration. I fear that this knowledge gap […]

Election Hardening

John Dickson, principal at the cyber firm Denim Group, says there are two risks that election officials are attempting to address with the funds: technical risk and political risk. “Because they have a limited amount of time to put these resources to work, it’s almost obvious that you would focus on the crown jewels—you’d spend at the […]