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Do This, Not That! How Remote Workers Can Secure Home Networks

Yes, there are enterprise tools security teams are using to mitigate the vulnerabilities of a remote workforce, but with all the connected devices in a given home, they need to help of their employees. In this podcast, we will talk with consumer-facing security pros who can provide steps your remote workforce can take to shore […]

2020 election security: Vulnerabilities, lockdowns and disinformation

The 2020 presidential election is just around the corner, and cybersecurity is once again at the forefront. From disinformation campaigns and election-related vulnerabilities to lockdowns and vote by mail efforts due to COVID-19, we cover it all — and more — in this jam packed episode featuring returning favorite, John Dickson, Principal at Denim Group, […]

Cybersecurity champions could be your secret weapon in raising employee cyber-awareness

“Security champions programs aim to build a better security culture and get DevOps to create secure software more reliably,” says Dan Cornell, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with US application security company Denim Group. Cornell is a big proponent of cybersecurity champions and has helped many organizations launch programs. He says their aims vary depending on […]

San Antonio Cybersecurity Experts on Alert for Coronavirus-Related Attacks

To increase security, organizations should implement a two-factor authentication on every system, said John Dickson, principal at Denim Group, an application security firm. “Ideally, remote workers are logging in from dedicated laptops that are controlled and managed by their employer,” Dickson said. “Otherwise, you run into what are called endpoint security issues, namely, you have to […]

What your DevOps team needs to know: 4 lessons from exploited vulnerabilities

While the OWASP Top-10 is a good start for a list of software vulnerability classes that need coverage, every development team has a different list. What is important is for the company to make sure it has good coverage—through tools and processes—of the vulnerability classes on the developers’ list, said Dan Cornell, chief technology officer of […]

How IoT changes your threat model: 4 key considerations

Similarly, when employees and executives interact as a group or individually with technologies like voice-activated virtual assistants, data confidentiality and privacy can become important concerns, says Dan Cornell, CTO at the Denim Group. Conversations that happen in conference rooms or in an executive office can involve privileged and protected information that are sent to the […]