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Application security and your career: 5 key areas to focus on

As an application security professional, however, you have to be able to keep pace with faster development, incorporate data security to minimize running afoul of new privacy regulations, and continue to learn new technologies, said Dan Cornell, chief technology officer for software-security consultancy Denim Group. “Applications are … not monolithic things — it’s the web […]

US girds for cyber threats from Iran as Military clash fears ebb

John Dickson, a former air force intelligence officer and now an executive with the Denim Group consultancy, said the security community should not let its guard down because some time has elapsed since the drone attack. “I think the threat is more pronounced now,” Dickson said. “They’ve had time to prepare and dust off their […]

Iran Cyber Threat ‘Not a Drill,’ Experts Warn

John Dickson, principal at local cybersecurity firm the Denim Group, said he has been working “nonstop” for the past few days to keep vigil on the looming cyber threat. “This is credible,” Dickson said. “This is not a drill.”

1015: Building a World Where Technology is Trusted

Since 2001, the Denim Group have been helping their clients create resilient software that can be deployed to withstand attacks. They do this across the portfolio of software that clients have, and also do it at scale across the enterprise.I wanted to learn more about how their software development background helps them bridge the gap […]

Rebuilding Trust After the 2016 Election

The politicization of enhancing election security hinders the effort, says John Dickson, principal at cyber firm Denim Group who has consulted with election officials in Texas. “We’ve fully transitioned out of the world of technical and objective to an entirely political realm, and I mean that in a negative way,” Dickson explains. “Now you’ve got […]

TechTonics: Will Hurd on What’s At Stake As U.S. Voyages Through New Tech Frontier

John Dickson, principal at local cybersecurity firm The Denim Group, said federal lawmakers are notoriously ignorant on tech issues, but Hurd was one of the few exceptions. “Will was highly regarded for his technical grasp because he came from the [cybersecurity] industry,” Dickson said. “He also had the intelligence part, which is inextricably linked – […]