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The Cloud Hack at Capital One

While attending the RSA conference in San Francisco this year, I had an opportunity to meet with John Dickson of the Denim Group.  John explained how the migration to the cloud-based infrastructure is a completely new concept verses, how apps were developed five years ago.  He also discusses the approach used to create cloud applications known as […]

Black Hat: A Summer Break from the Mundane and Controllable

Enjoy the respite from the security tasks that await you back at home. Then prepare yourself for the uphill battles to come. Here’s how.

‘Amateur’ Capital One hack stuns security community

“The biggest surprise is the amateur nature of the attack,” said John Dickson of the security consultancy Denim Group. Dickson said it was “absolutely earth-shattering” that an individual attacker could gain access to that much data at one of the largest US financial institutions.

‘Ransomware’ hackers disrupt South African grid

Given its apparently limited impacts, John Dickson, principal at the Denim Group consultancy, characterized the Johannesburg cyberattack as more of a “near miss” than anything catastrophic. “It was a very public inconvenience — but an inconvenience nonetheless,” he said.Dickson added that municipally owned utilities in the United States would be well advised to study what’s […]

The Technado, Episode 106: Denim Group’s John Dickson

With Peter out on vacation, Don and Justin were able to cut loose a little. They covered a big Verizon BGP route leak and a laptop that claims to be un-hackable. Then, John Dickson of Denim Group called in to discuss building resilient software that will withstand attacks.

WhatsApp, security and spyware: what happened

The infection could take root with a simple call through WhatsApp. To make matters worse, victims may not know their phones were infected because the malware allowed attackers to erase call histories. This delivery was “particularly scary,” said security researcher John Dickson of the Denim Group, because it infected devices without any user action. “Normally a […]