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How IoT changes your threat model: 4 key considerations

Similarly, when employees and executives interact as a group or individually with technologies like voice-activated virtual assistants, data confidentiality and privacy can become important concerns, says Dan Cornell, CTO at the Denim Group. Conversations that happen in conference rooms or in an executive office can involve privileged and protected information that are sent to the […]

Which InfoSec Jobs Will Best Survive a Recession?

And amid digital transformation and other technology investments, he thinks security professionals with cloud security expertise will be particularly hard to find. John Dickson, a principal with The Denim Group, an application security firm, echoes Beam’s statement. “Below the surface, I see an acceleration of the trend favoring more technical security expertise, particularly involving cloud […]

How Company Cultures Dictated Work-from-Home Readiness

Companies large and small are discovering just how prepared they were for all employees to work remotely The past few weeks have been a blur. I’ve eliminated the word “unprecedented” from my vocabulary. I’ve become a Zoom subject matter expert and have had far too much fun applying unique Zoom backgrounds to surprise my colleagues. […]

Update: Cybersecurity Challenges, Solutions Grow with Telework Shifts

One lesson learned is that “organizations are not a monolithic entity,” said John Dickson, principal at Denim Group, a cybersecurity consulting firm based in San Antonio, Texas. Teams whose work lent itself well to working from home have adapted with few hurdles to new processes. Other functions that required physical interaction — notably including finance […]

Telework Hurdles Require Strategy and Culture Changes

For many, even two weeks ago “feels like a million years ago,” said John Dickson, principal of Denim Group, an enterprise application security consultant based in Texas. From what he has seen, the readiness and capacity for remote work depends largely on the strategy and culture of each organization.

Coronavirus sparks phishing, disinformation, tabletop exercises and handwashing

John Dickson, principal at The Denim Group, told SC Media during a podcast that his company was slated to hold a tabletop exercise to test its computing resources after Dickson returned to the company’s San Antonio, Texas, headquarters in the aftermath of the RSA Conference that AT&T, IBM, Verizon and a slew of other companies […]