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5 key app sec trends for 2021: The shift is on for software teams

These mandates and realities have trickled down to developers and security teams, especially as remote work has expanded. Existing silos between the groups can slow development and the resolution of security issues, so the pressures have increased to knock those walls down, said Dan Cornell, a principal at the Denim Group, a software-security consultancy, who […]

Technado, Ep. 179: Denim Group’s Dan Cornell

Dan Cornell from Denim Group joined Technado with Don Pezet this week to talk about their ThreadFix platform for security program management. He also vented about the misnomer that developers don’t care about security. Then, in the news, the crew discussed the FCC taking spectrum from the auto industry and giving it to Wi-Fi, a […]

Securing the 2020 Election: ‘We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet’

“I don’t think the impact on the tabulation, and the counting of votes is going to come to fruition,” says John Dickson, principal at Denim Group. “There might be influence operations, but no disruption of polling.” Tonight – when all eyes are on the Web, the news, and the election reporting – is the more […]

5 steps to get IoT cybersecurity and third parties in sync

Typically, vulnerability assessments of the devices themselves can be performed without the vendor’s or manufacturer’s authorization, Cornell said. But enterprises should review their licensing agreements, which may have prohibitions against practices such as reverse-engineering, he cautioned. Performing security tests on any supporting services, though, will typically require the participation, or at least the explicit consent, […]

Cyberexperts Warn of ‘Turbulent Air’ in Election Ramp Up

“I see a sense of urgency in terms of [election security] funding at the federal level, but I don’t yet see that translate to the state and local level,” said John Dickson, a former intelligence officer with the U.S. Air Force, who today works with the government-focused security firm the Denim Group. Dickson, who recently […]

Russians are trying to disrupt the election by going after the most vulnerable component: Voters

Elections are the most fragile component of our democracy and the most vulnerable to influence. Although much has been written about election security and hacking voting machines, I worry that the most vulnerable facet of our election is the electorate itself. As we rapidly approach the November presidential election, we should prepare ourselves for what […]