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Denim Group Principal John Dickson Reappointed To U.S. Air Force Space Command Commander’s Group

Denim Group, the leading secure software development company, today announced that principal John Dickson was reappointed by the US Air Force Space Command to its Commander’s Group, a select group of respected civilian leaders that serve as community advocates for the Air Force and Air Force Space Command issues while providing outside counsel to Air Force leaders.

The Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) is a division of the Air Force created to provide the military with the focused space and cyberspace capabilities needed to ensure the ability to fly, fight, and win in air, space and cyberspace. Comprised of more than 42,000 professionals assigned to 134 locations worldwide, the AFSPC prepares a highly skilled and innovative cadre of cyberspace professionals focused on gaining the information superiority critical to ensure that resilient, integrated systems preserve operational advantages.

“In the commercial industry, exceptional, secure capabilities already exist and the breadth and depth of our work demands a broad approach to create new cyber-related capabilities and operational concepts which will materially improve the ability to employ forces across the range of military options,” said General William Shelton, Commander, Air Force Space Command. “The precision engagement and battlefield success in all Air Force core functions requires larger amounts of higher quality information in shorter periods of time, and with a cultural mindset of innovation based on partnerships, the Commander’s Group John Dickson has been appointed to helps us develop an Air Force vision that is based in realism in the cyber domain—a domain that is incredibly dynamic, evolving at speeds and in ways that we couldn’t imagine just a few short years ago.”

As a civilian security professional on the forefront of cyber security in the commercial sector, Dickson is able to communicate best practices and developments that are occurring at a rapid pace in the commercial sector. Commercial trends like mobile and cloud computing have direct bearing on the ability of Space Command and the Air Force to provide mission assurance to its forces on the battlefield.

In addition, to Dickson’s industry perspective, he also provides feedback on community opinions and issues to Air Force leaders and helps to formulate ideas to improve relationships between Air Force Space Command units and supporting communities as well. As a civilian interface between the command and the civilian community, he also explains and interprets Air Force programs, positions and problems to other key, local communicators through day-to-day personal contact and to the general public. At his own expense, he participates in special events with the military on a regular basis.

Dickson also was recently honored by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) as a Distinguished Fellow for his exceptional service to the security community as well as the significant contributions he has made to the local, state and national security posture. The award was given based on his 12 years membership in the association, more than 10 years of documented exceptional service to the security community and more than 5 years as a leader in the association and in the community. His recent tenure as the local ISSA president enabled the Alamo Chapter to be honored as Chapter of the Year in 2010 as well.

“I am honored to be able to continue to give back to our country’s highest defense needs by working with the Air Force in this manner,” Dickson said. “This type of informal information exchange allows us to share the unique challenges and solutions faced and solved by the Air Force and innovative technologies companies in the commercial world.”

About John Dickson

A Principal at Denim Group, Ltd. and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Dickson’s other professional experience includes serving at SecureLogix Corporation as Regional Vice President of International Operations and Director of Consulting, at KPMG as Manager of Information Risk Management consulting and at Trident Data Systems, a Los Angeles-based network security consulting firm, as a consultant. A strong community advocate, Dickson also served as Chairman of the Texas Lyceum, a prestigious statewide leadership organization. He is a career security professional and is a Distinguished Fellow of the Information Systems Security Association. He also currently serves on the Founders Board for the Institute for Cyber Security at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He was also on the steering committee for SA2020, a citywide initiative to determine the course of San Antonio’s future.

About Denim Group

Denim Group is the leading secure software development firm. The company builds custom large-scale software development projects across multiple platforms, languages and applications. What makes Denim Group unique is that the company brings significant core competencies in software security to the table, offering an innovative blend of secure software development, testing and training capabilities that protect a company’s biggest asset, its data. Denim Group customers span an international client base of commercial and public sector organizations across the financial services, banking, insurance, healthcare and defense industries. Its depth of experience building large-scale software development systems in a secure fashion has made the company’s leaders recognized experts in their fields. Denim Group has been recognized as one of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Company’s by Inc. Magazine several years in a row, and has won multiple awards including its recent accolades as one of the best places to work in San Antonio. For more information about Denim Group visit