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WatchFire AppScan Version 6

By Michael Anderson

Watchfire has come out with a new version of AppScan that changes the way scanning tools are used.

AppScan Enterprise Highlights

  • Access Permissions for Scanning and Reporting: centralized control for user scanning and reporting
  • Server-based: zero footprint with web-based user interface
  • Dashboards and High-level Metrics: snapshot view of the organization’s state of security and metrics for seeing security trends across all applications over time
  • Enterprise Database: MS SQL Server and Oracle storage
  • Scanning: new multi-threaded agents, JavaScript and Advanced Login support, providing the unique ability to scan and text complex enterprise websites with thousands of applications
  • Issue Management/Trending: prioritizes key security issues as they are reported to resolve the highest risk issues first and trends vulnerabilities by business unit, geography and third party
  • API: integration with other third-party systems including Mercury, Rational and Bugzilla

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