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Office Dev Con 2006: Day 3

Posting really quickly today before I head to the airport.  I will follow up over the next couple of days with posts looking at the event in retrospect.  Hightlights from day three:

  • Saw John Durant (weblog) speak about building multi-tier applications in Office.  Two words: high energy.  The talk had lots of great examples of using .NET capabilities (database access, web services, etc) to drive Word and Excel documents.  One of the interesting things was that this talk was based on Office 2003 and VSTO 2005 versus the upcoming 2007 version of the Office platform so the current version of Office has some pretty sophisticated managed-code programmability.
  • Still more talk about using Excel as the front end for all sorts of applications.  This makes great sense for a lot of folks because even my parents can put together pretty sophisticated spreadsheets using Excel.  Now that Excel functionality is heading to the server it extends the capabilities of non-developers.  Previously they could create client-side “applications” with calcualtions and some limited business logic.  With the Excel server 2005 these same non-developers can build “applications” that participate in web services, SOA, and more.  That is a big shift and I expect to see a lot of adoption of this technology.

Unfortunately the way my flights were scheduled kept me from seeing the sessions covering Groove.  Guess I will have to read up online to see how this has evolved.  That’s all for now – more in depth discussion will be following over the next couple of days.

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