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Google Web Toolkit – Translating Data AND Behavior

I have been working this week on adding support for the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to sprajax.  The going is slow but I am getting there.  Hopefully there will be another public release next Monday morning.

I will be posting some more notes along the way as I make progress, but I did want to say that the Google Web Toolkit is really damned cool.  One of the cool features about Microsoft’s Atlas is that is seamlessly translates object data between the client and the server via JSON.  That is nice because your object trees on the server side look the same as your object trees on the client side and you don’t have to do any work to make this happen.  GWT takes this one step further because it translates server-side Java code into client-side JavaScript code.  So in addition to data translating seamlessly behavior translates as well.

Unfortunately the client-side JavaScript that gets generated is obfuscated so parsing through everything to enumerate all of the endpoints is kind of a lot of work (especially for a lazy programmer such as myself).  However I think I have a decent algorithm worked out and should be getting that set down in code soon.

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