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Yearly Archives: 2007

Post: New Microsoft Security Blog: Security Vulnerability Research And Defense

Microsoft has released a new Security Vulnerability and Research blog where they will be releasing “insider” type information about MSRC security updates.  It should have more in-depth analysis of patches being released as well as workarounds and other “unofficial” information.  This should be very interesting because it will give additional insight into the types of […]

Post: Tiger Team: Car Dealership Episode

My Tivo decided to misbehave on me and didn’t record CourtTV’s Tiger Team but I found the first episode available online: Tiger Team 101 (1 of 4) Tiger Team 101 (2 of 4) Tiger Team 101 (3 of 4) Tiger Team 101 (4 of 4) This was a really fun show and I’m looking forward […]

Post: FBI Biometrics Database

Looks like those rascals at the FBI are trying to put together a massive biometrics database. –Dan dan _at_

Post: Google’s Christmas Gift to Total Information Awareness: Everyone’s Google Reader Feed Data

As if unpaid Government informants on Facebook weren’t enough, now Google has decided to make your shared RSS feeds on Google Reader available to anyone in your GMail contacts.  Or something like that.  Google says that your “friends” should only be folks in your contacts who you have chatted with via Google Talk but other […]

Post: “Tiger Team” TV Show

All right this is the coolest thing I have seen in a while.  I’m not sure how popular this will be with the general public, but the new Tiger Team show on CourtTV is certainly queued up for my Tivo to record.  However, given the success of shows like CSI and N3mbers maybe there is […]

Post: Private Webmail with FireGPG

There are plenty of benefits to webmail, but privacy isn’t one of them. Webmail providers like Google routinely data mine email contents to display relevant ads to its users. During the September OWASP San Antonio Chapter meeting, Jeremiah Grossman discussed his time at Yahoo! and shattered any illusions anyone may have had about Yahoo’s webmail […]