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Guy Podjarny to Present at San Antonio OWASP

Guy Podjarny from Watchfire will be presenting at the San Antonio OWASP chapter meeting this Thursday.  Hope to see folks there.  Please note that the time (11:00am) is a little earlier than usual.

San Antonio OWASP Chapter: April 2007 Meeting
Topic: Overtaking Google Desktop
Presenter: Guy Podjarny (Watchfire Corporation)
Date: April 26th, 2007, 11:00am – 12:30pm
San Antonio Technology Center (Web Room)
3463 Magic Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229,+San+Antonio,+T

This presentation will describe an innovative attack methodology against Google Desktop which enables an attacker to achieve remote, persistent access to virtual all data on the victim machine, and can further lead to full system control as well. The attack leverages vulnerabilities in web site and Google Desktop, allowing malicious JavaScript to be injected into different responses. In addition, it leverages the integration between and Google Desktop.

A significant aspect of this attack is that it emphasizes the danger of the integration between desktop applications and Web based applications, as this opens an aperture for a malicious attacker to escalate his/her privileges by crossing from the Web environment to the desktop application environment.

The attack also highlights the risks associated with a fully Web based desktop application, and with a tool like Google Desktop which allows easy access to virtual all information on the host machine.

In the presentation we’ll review the different steps of the attack, demonstrating skipping from the Web to Google Desktop, overcoming various protection mechanisms built into Google Desktop, and finally exploiting the vulnerability in various ways.

Presenter Bio:
Guy Podjarny is Senior Security Analyst with Waltham-based Watchfire, a provider of software and service to help ensure the security and compliance of websites.
Guy joined Watchfire in 2004 bringing with him several years of senior product development and web application security expertise from previous roles including Sanctum. As senior security analyst Guy is integral to the development and evolution of Watchfire’s market leading AppScan solution. He is also closely involved with researching and evaluating technologies and helping define and influence strategic directions for Watchfire’s security solutions.

Guy has spoken at security events, participates in industry working groups and has contributed to several whitepapers and articles on application security.

Sodas and snacks will be provided. Feel free to bring a brown-bag lunch.

Please RSVP: E-mail or call (210) 572-4400.

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