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Robots with Guns! What Could Go Wrong?

I am confident this will by far be the coolest thing I will see today: armed robots on patrol in Iraq.  They have a great YouTube video of a Future Weapons segment.

This does make me wonder what sort of security engineering went into building these robots.  Seeing as how it is radio controlled, the remote protocol used to control it is a target for attack.  Your average insurgent or militia member isn’t going to have the technological know how to do something like this, but state-sponsored actors would.  Iran has been implicated in providing support such as this in the past.

Hopefully some more thought went into security engineering for these robots than it did for voting machines in California.

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One Response to “Robots with Guns! What Could Go Wrong?”

  1. Chris Koenig

    Reminds me of that Executive Boardroom scene in the original Robocop ;-)

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