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Trinity University Football: Offense In Depth

This post has basically nothing to do with software development, systems integration or application security, but as a Trinity University alum myself, and as an organization that employs a whole bunch of Trinity University alumni I just had to put this up.

Trinity University’s football team made the most unbelievable plays I have ever seen in my entire life to beat Millsaps this weekend.

I suppose if you had to take away a security lesson from this play it would be “offense in depth.”  Go Tigers!

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One Response to “Trinity University Football: Offense In Depth”

  1. Gregory A. Geunng


    As an Ex-Trinity Football player, I commend you for your excellent blog posting, and would also like to extend a celebratory hooo-rah for the TU football team, who I believe should win some sort of ESPY this year.

    … and yes, sales guys read your blogs too.

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