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Accessibility Internet Rally Awards

On Tuesday night, the Denim Group Dungarees attended an awards ceremony for the first annual San Antonio Accessibility Internet Rally at the Santikos Rialto Cinema Bistro. The good news is that the Denim Group team placed; the bad news is that we didn’t place first. Of course, the best news of all is that all teams that participated in the rally made accessible web sites for non-profit organizations, which was its own reward. From a contest standpoint, we took consolation in the fact that the point spread from first to third was much narrower than similar contests in Austin and Houston (a spread of ten points from first to third place, rather than the usual forty or fifty out of 400 total). In fact, it was so close that the sites had to go through multiple rounds of judging to determine the winner.

There were two levels to the contest—”stock car” and “formula one“. Stock car sites were more basic and judged on accessible HTML. Formula one sites were based not only on accessible HTML, but also advanced client-side features like CSS, JavaScript, Flash, embedded media, and so on. The Dungarees participated in the formula one site, and with only a couple of weeks of preparation, we made a fantastic showing.

Next year will be the second annual AIR contest, and already teams are starting to brew here at the office with the goal is to produce an accessible site much better than this year’s and, with any luck, bring home a bigger trophy in the process.


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