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Most Useful Link of the Week: 101 LINQ Samples


By Dan Cornell

I was talking to some of our folks in the office yesterday afternoon, and one of the guys pointed me to this page on MSDN that has 101 LINQ Samples.  If you are just getting started using LINQ this is a great way to jump start your learning curve.  At Denim Group we have been big Hibernate and NHibernate fans for quite some time, but LINQ is giving NHibernate a run for the money on some of our newer projects.  LINQ’s integration with Visual Studio’s Intellisense is a big plus.

(Thanks to Chris for the LINQ link and the LINQ walkthrough)

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Photo courtesy of Alan Weinkrantz.

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One Response to “Most Useful Link of the Week: 101 LINQ Samples”

  1. Jason Meridth

    I recently did the DevCares in SA for LINQ, we posted some good links on recently [] (Scott Guthrie’s LINQ to SQL stuff, 101 LINQ samples like you mention, etc.)

    It is some interesting stuff.

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