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Tattoos and Piercings: ANOTHER Government Conspiracy


As I said in previous posts, I have received a lot of private email feedback about my post about social networking sites being a sneaky implementation of Total Information Awareness.  One of our readers (who asked to remain nameless because the sound of black helicopters hovering over his house tends to wake up his children aged 4 and 7) had this to say:

My theory is that the entire tattoo/piercing deal was a government plan to condition the population to be comfortable with being tattooed for identification and having hardware attached to them for tracking and monitoring. Want to avoid the security line at the airport? All you need is this neat little bar code tattoo that uniquely identifies you. Want to avoid having to use an ATM card or credit card? Get a smart tag embedded that uses RFID to automatically charge things to your account . . . or allow the government to track your every move and purchase.

Scary!  If you believe in stuff like that…

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Photo credit and thanks to Dennis Mojado.

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2 Responses to “Tattoos and Piercings: ANOTHER Government Conspiracy”

  1. Ben Tattoo

    Visual tracking by tattos?

  2. james burney

    Some great advice in this blog.

    Really useful and well thought out.

    Take a look at this blog and see what you think.
    I need as much constructive critism as possible as I’m fairly new to all of this.


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