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Facebook and CIA – Relationship “Confirmed” By Post On Slashdot


There was a bizarre and confusing rant posted on Slashdot the other day.  Apparently some guy from the Ruby on Rails community no longer wants to be in the Ruby on Rails community.  Whatever – I haven’t heard of the guy and I don’t do much work with Rails I find crazy open source project flamewars to be a little tedious so this doesn’t really concern me.  However since it was posted on the front page of Slashdot I did glance over his post/rant and I saw this commentary about social networking business models:

If you tell me that your social network will take on facebook because it includes baby pictures then I’m going to laugh in your face.  They are an established player with CIA backing.  You won’t wipe them out.

There was even some commentary in the Slashdot thread about this.  AHA!  I consider this independent confirmation that the government is behind th social networking movement.

I think from here on out I will call it “soCIAl” networking.

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As always, thanks to Wikipedia for the CIA seal image.  In line with the terms of use for the image, I’m not trying to use the image in connection with any merchandise, impersonation, solicitation, or commercial activity in a manner reasonably calculated to convey the impression that such use is approved, endorsed, or authorized by the Central Intelligence Agency.

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One Response to “Facebook and CIA – Relationship “Confirmed” By Post On Slashdot”

  1. Nathan

    Great, now they will be on to you for disclosing their plot early. Maybe I’ve said too much already. Did you hear that helicopter?

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