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Online Physics Game – Addictive!

This has nothing to do with software development.  Or web application security.  Or anything else that we usually talk about on this blog.  However, it is so cool I’ve wasted way too much time with it this morning, and the only way I can get it off my mind is to make a blog post and be done with it.


Here is an online game that lets you draw anything you want (MS Paint style) and then the game applies gravity and “physics” to it.  Trust me – it is addictive.

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3 Responses to “Online Physics Game – Addictive!”

  1. Bo Bartlett

    Here is a physics engine for Actionscript that may have been used to create this.

  2. Philip J Beyer

    LineRider was all over the net last year… have you tried that yet?

    just as addicting in my opinion

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