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Sharepoint’s New and Improved Search

We just rolled out the updated Denim Group portal running on Microsoft’s Sharepoint 2007 Server.  We have been using SharePoint 2003 for the last couple of years and rely on it for a lot of our business functions.  We have also implemented it for a number of our clients.  However, one thing we have always been aggravated about with SharePoint 2003 was the quality of the search functionality.  That is why it was so amusing to see this quote in an ad on Microsoft’s SharePoint site:

I never found a single document using the prior search feature.  Now I find 80 percent of what I’m looking for. – Mary Kay


Wow – when did Microsoft get so focused on truth in advertising?  That quote is pretty accurate – the previous search capabilities in SharePoint were pretty terrible.  And in the new version they work reasonably well.  However, if I were Microsoft I don’t know if I would want to emphasize that:

  1. The previous version didn’t work
  2. The new version works (only) 80% of the time

In any case we’re super-happy with the new Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 implementation of our corporate portal/intranet.  The new workflow features are fantastic and the Web 2.0 / social networking capabilities (blogs, wikis, etc) are great in a fast-growing organization.  However, that user “testimonial” amused me quite a bit when I saw it.  Reminiscent of high-quality movie lines like “Volvo.  They’re boxy, but they’re good.”

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One Response to “Sharepoint’s New and Improved Search”

  1. Philip J Beyer

    ha! that’s hilarious. thanks for pointing that out. since most of it is marketing mumbo-jumbo, i usually don’t pay any attention to the ads on MS’s site.

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