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Oklahoma Sex Offender Database Mishap

Saw a story over on TheDailyWTF about how the Oklahoma Department of Corrections completely mis-implemented their online sex offender database.  The site basically allowed you to input the SQL query you wanted to run and then returned the results.  I remember back in the good old days you at least had to have a trick or two up your sleeve in order to execute a SQL injection vulnerability…  Even worse, there were HTML comments indicating further information about how the database was structured.

The terrible thing is that even a quick scan of the application with any of the standard dynamic analysis tools would have caught this issue.  I think that we are rapidly reaching the point where if you haven’t even run a scan on your application to check for basic cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection flaws then you are in a similar position to if you didn’t even bother to deploy a firewall.

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