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Denim Group’s Paris Hilton Sighting

Last week John Dickson and I were up in New York for OWASP’s AppSec 2008 NYC conference.  Saw a lot of great presentations and met up with a bunch of folks so it was a great trip.

John and I had dinner with some folks Wednesday night, and when we left the restaurant there were a bunch of people outside with cameras:


All of them were yelling “Turn around, Paris” so I think “Hey – Paris Hilton is on that balcony.  Perhaps I can take a photo and become one of those exciting Paparazzi folks.”  So I get out my trusty iPhone and snap a picture:


Strangely, I haven’t receive any offers to buy this gem of a photo yet.  Perhaps I will stick to application security work for now…

I need to go back over my notes and post some more detailed thoughts on the conference, but I figured I would at least get my Paris Hilton sighting on the record.


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  1. Philip J Beyer

    Dan, you need one of those fancy image processing systems they always seem to have on TV and in the movies… then you should be able to just “sharpen”, “zoom”, and “enhance” with the click of a button!

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