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Elections and Bailouts: “Interface” by Neal Stephenson

Last week I re-read Interface by Neal Stephenson and J. Frederick George (both originally credited as Stephen Bury) because it seemed awfully relevant with the upcoming Presidential election and banking bailout in the news.

Basic plotline: The sitting President of the United States decides to cap the amount of interest the US will pay on the national debt.  Seeing as how this is the basis of a huge part of the international economy and most world investments a shadowy group of ultra rich investors decide to replace him at the next election.  They develop technologies so that they can get real-time feedback on the emotions of Americans spread across a variety of demographics and feed that political intelligence directly into the brain of a candidate who had undergone post-stroke surgery where electronic nerves had been implanted into his brain.  Hilarity ensues.

This isn’t the best of Neal Stephenson’swork, but it is a still a great read and certainly timely.

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