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OWASP EU Summit in Portugal: Friday


The EU Summit finished up with a recap of the results to come out of the various working groups and an open OWASP Board meeting.  The full results of the Board meeting will be laid out on the Wiki shortly, but for me the most exciting development was the creation of several Global Committees for OWASP that will essentially act as middle managemnt for the organization.  Up until now there have been contributors, project/chapter leaders and board members.  That has served OWASP well for a number of years, but with the scale of the organization, it has become evident that we need more coordination to avoid rework and prevent conflicts.  To address this, several Global Committees are being set up to centralize conversations and thinking in several important areas.

I will be serving with Michael Coates on the Global Membership Committee working to increase the value of OWASP membership to the individuals and organizations who become members as well as working to increase the number of individuals and organizations who are OWASP members.  If you have any thoughts or questions about this, please feel free to contact Michael or I.

Overall the summit was an incredible experience.  I have been working with OWASP for a long time – first as a consumer of OWASP materials and then as the San Antonio Chapter lead as well as working on projects like Sprajax and the Open Review Project (ORPRO).  To see the growth that the application security space has undergone during this time has been amazing, and to see OWASP grow along with it has been even more so.  OWASP is a great gathering place for intelligent and dedicated individuals who are experts in their discipline.  I have seen others comment that they view this summit as “the end of the beginning” for OWASP and I think that rings true.  I’m looking forward to working with the Summit attendees and the OWASP community as a whole to continue the work we started there.

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