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OWASP EU Summit in Portugal: The Final Chapter

If you have been following these posts you know that the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal was an exhilarating, but exhausting, week – lots of work, lots of play and much was accomplished.  So you would think that it would make sense to relax on Saturday, get some rest and be up early for our 3:30am bus to the airport.

You would think.

Instead, Thursday night I had a conversation that went something like this:

Bringer of Bad Ideas: “Hey, are you coming to Africa on Saturday?”
Me: “Excuse me?”
BBI: “Africa.  We’re renting a van and driving through Spain.  Then we’re going to take a ferry to Africa for the day.  Morocco.  Are you coming?”
Me: “Naturally.”

And so it begins.

In the van.  Driving through Portugal.  Or is it Spain?  Hard to tell…

Wind farms in Spain.  Someone call T. Boone Pickens.


Some of the coastal fortresses in Tarifa near the where the ferry docked.


More interesting architecture in Tarifa.


Tom Brennan and I as the ferry was pulling away.


Leaving Tarifa.


This is a little tricky to see, but this photo has Europe on the left and Africa on the right.


Pulling into port in Tangier.


Intrepid adventurers.


For extra credit: Find the American in this picture.


Traffic on the streets of Tangier.


Me.  Next to a cannon.


Crowds in the marketplace.


Ana, Tom and I.  Someone thought it would be a great idea to get out of the crowds and hubbub of the bazaar and take refuge in the solitude of the deserted, dark alleyway.  The wisdom of this was called into question a few minutes after this picture was taken when we turned the corner to find four local “gentlemen” and their giant pit bull.  Fortunately we passed without incident.


Kids playing soccer in an alleyway.


Public toilet in a coffee shop.  Moments like this were what made this trip an “adventure”


Running through the Casbah desperately trying to make it to our ferry.  We managed to inadvertently pick up a “guide” along the way who promised to lead us to the port, but in reality just took us by a bunch of stores and tried to get us to stop in and shop.


Back on the ferry.  Barely.  Everyone present and accounted for.


On the drive home, we wanted to stop in Sevilla and grab a traditional Spanish dinner.  The first restaurant we went to had this pig’s leg displayed in their entrance way.  This was perhaps a bit too “authentic” for our crew so we moved on.


We finally found a great place surrounded by orange trees.  Time constraints kept us from enjoying a long dinner of tapas, sangria, etc but we did manage to have a great meal before heading back to the van.


And here’s Tom goofing off on the back of the van.  Apparently he didn’t get the memo that we didn’t have a lot of time to make it back to Portugal and ultimately the hotel if we wanted to make our return flights.

We traveled across three countries and two continents in the course of a day and had a great time doing it.  Fun had by all and no major incidents.  This was certainly not an OWASP event, per se, but it was a great capstone activity for the Summit. Thanks to all my fellow travelers for planning and executing an amazing trip.

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PS: Here are some of Darren’s photos online.

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