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Post: Answer Up Online

The SearchSoftwareQuality folks have posted a response I put together on a question about security code review tools.  Check it out here. –Dan dan _at_

Post: OWASP EU Summit in Portugal: The Final Chapter

If you have been following these posts you know that the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal was an exhilarating, but exhausting, week – lots of work, lots of play and much was accomplished.  So you would think that it would make sense to relax on Saturday, get some rest and be up early for our […]

Post: OWASP EU Summit in Portugal: Friday

The EU Summit finished up with a recap of the results to come out of the various working groups and an open OWASP Board meeting.  The full results of the Board meeting will be laid out on the Wiki shortly, but for me the most exciting development was the creation of several Global Committees for […]

Post: OWASP EU Summit in Portugal: Thursday

I must admit – by Thursday I was feeling a little rough.  Mostly because of the two evening soccer (football?) games.  That’s far too much running in too short a period of time for me.  Regardless, Thursday shaped up to be another great day with some great project presentations and working groups.  Projects I saw […]

Post: OWASP EU Summit in Portugal: Wednesday

Wednesday was another day packed full of project presentations and working group sessions.  The project presentations I attended included: Eduardo Neves – Positive Security Project – Many security programs are focused solely on the negative – what should not be done and so on.  This project is intended to create awareness of the “good” activities […]

Post: OWASP EU Summit in Portugal: Tuesday

[Running a little behind, as usual.  Over the course of today I’ll be putting up a series of posts to finish out my OWASP EU Summit notes.] First of all, my favorite part of Tuesday was that I won a t-shirt at the Sensepost training class on offensive web application hacking.  H4x0r skillz! In addition […]