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QASL 1.0 Released!


QASL (Quality Assurance Scripting Language) 1.0 has been officially released.  QASL is a lightweight scripting language that Denim Group uses to do automated functional testing of web applications.  It has a basic syntax that allows a programmer or QA person to control a web browser and run tests on a web application.  These tests can then be bundled together to provide a comprehensive set of functional tests for an application, as well as a robust reporting framework that indicates test failures and provides additional debugging information such as screenshots of unsuccessful test cases.

QASL has been released under an Apache License.  Here are the relevant links:

Many thanks to all the Denim Group folks who have been putting in long hours over the past six months to refactor QASL, test it, document it and make it release-ready.  You all have done a hell of a job.

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