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Quality Assurance Scripting Language (QASL) Beta Release


Over the past couple of years Denim Group built and used an internal tool called QASL (Quality Assurance Scripting Language) for automated functional testing.  It uses the capabilities of WATiN to drive an IE browser and run web applications through functional tests and then provides a tracking and reporting framework that can be integrated with build tools like Cruise Control.  This has been a HUGE help for our development efforts because it allows us to quickly create test cases and then run them consistently and frequently so bugs introduced into our web applications are identified quickly.

Late last year we decided that we wanted to release this tool to the community, so a bunch of folks have been working to get the code cleaned up and put together some documentation.  We should finally be at the point where QASL can be used by the world at large – not just by folks at Denim Group.

Currently QASL is hosted at SourceForge.  The current release is a 1.0Beta1 and we should be at the actual 1.0 release in about two weeks.

Many thanks to the Denim Group folks who helped make this release possible: Michael, Dina, Derek, Jonathan, Kushala, Michael, Stephen, Brent, Jennifer and Daryl.  You all really went above and beyond to make this happen.

Keep an eye on this space as we will be posting tutorials and more information about the internals of QASL as well as approaches we have found to be successful for integrating automated acceptance testing into software development projects.

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