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QASL 1.1 Released!

QASL is the scripting language we developed at Denim Group to allow developers and non-developers to create automated functional tests for web applications.  We use this extensively internally and it is also available under an Open Source Apache license for other organizations to use and improve.

QASL 1.1 has been released and is available from the SourceForge site:

The following changes are included in QASL 1.1:

New Commands:

·         verifyValidationMessage

·         verifyValidationMessageDoesNotExist

·         verifyElementVisible

·         verifyElementNotVisible

·         sendKeyPress

·         verifyLinkEnabled

·         verifyLinkDisabled


·         Made performance improvements by reducing repetitive method calls.

·         QASL test stacktrace has been added to screenshot names.

·         Added a command line option to view the current QASL version number.  Also, added the current QASL version number to results.xml.

·         Added messages to help in identifying the currently running test.

·         Added MySQL support.


·         Fixed global variables specified in .properties file from being overwritten by default global variables.

·         Removed the ability to include plugins that would cause name collisions by adding a way to qualify the command call with the name of the library it belongs to.

Many thanks to all the QASL users who provided feedback folded into this release and thanks to the QASL developers for all their hard work.


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