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Work Hard, Play Hard, and e-Learn

We have our share of characters here at Denim Group – brilliant folks who like to work hard and play hard.  Lately we have been putting a lot of work into the upcoming quarterly update of our ThreadStrong application security e-Learning product.  This is a pretty major revision with audio, demonstrations and interactive exercises.  I got a kick out of this email exchange and thought I would post it online.

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From: Michael

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Subject: e-Learning – Meeting notes – storyboard planning


> All:


> Here is what we came up with during our storyboard meeting:


> -New order for the sections will be:

> 1. Breaches

> 2. Attack demonstration

> 3. What/Why

> 4. SQL injection

> 5. HTTP Basics

> 6. XSS

> 7. Quiz


I believe that covers it. I took this picture from the meeting.

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From: Bryan

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Subject: e-Learning – Meeting notes – storyboard planning

Wow, you know, I’d noticed during today’s meeting that we had a lot more productive and intelligent discussion. I was looking back at notes from the last meeting and I think I figured out what our problem was.

Like I said – a real cast of characters.


dan _at_


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