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451 Group Webcast: What It Means to Be Rugged

Josh Corman from the 451 Group, along with Wendy Nather from Texas Education Agency (TEA) recently released a webinar about What It Means to Be Rugged.

At Denim Group we’ve been a big fan of developing secure, resilient software for quite some time so the “rugged” concept really resonates with us.  “Rugged” isn’t just about security – it is about developing software that is able to survive and thrive in the real-world environment of malicious attackers, legitimate users that make mistakes, and inter-related systems that fail unexpectedly.  Just as “agile” has inspired developers to be nimble and focus on customer-centric concerns, we hope that “rugged” gets developers to take pride in the software they develop because they developed it to run successfully in the hostile environment in which it will inevitably be deployed.

The entire webinar is great; for purely selfish reasons there were several portions of specific interest:

·43:30 – Discussion of rugged remediation and using example code to help developers when you do not have time for formal training

·44:25 – Discussion of the value of software development firms that focus on building rugged code and teaching other developers how to build rugged code

·53:00 – Discussion of some of the work we are doing with WhiteHat Security to help firms prioritize their remediation efforts

A recording of the webinar can be downloaded here.  And be sure to check out the Rugged Manifesto.

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