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OWASP San Antonio Slides for OpenSAMM Presentation Online

I had a great time presenting to the OWASP San Antonio meeting yesterday.  We had a lot of fantastic questions and commentary – even more than usual!

Here are the slides from the presentation:

Many thanks to Pravir Chandra – his slide deck from is fantastic and the deck I used for my presentation was just a copy of his with a couple of minor modifications.

I talked about a couple of different resources during the presentation and I wanted to provide links:

·         Nick Coblentz – SAMM Assessment Interview Template spreadsheet (blog post with links)

·         Christian Frichot – SAMM Assessment spreadsheet (blog post with links)

·         Colin Watson – Roadmap Chart Template spreadsheet (spreadsheet link)

·         Jim Weiler – MS Project Plan Template (still looking for a durable link)

·         Denim Group – Vulnerability Manager (web application)

Also you can download the OpenSAMM presentation slides from the OWASP San Antonio page.

Contact us for help plannig your software security initiatives using OpenSAMM.


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One Response to “OWASP San Antonio Slides for OpenSAMM Presentation Online”

  1. Christian

    Looks like it went REALLY well Dan! Thanks for posting your deck up.

    From the discussion that followed, can you mention maybe one or two of the highlights?

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