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Denim Group at HouSecCon 2010

HouSecCon is a new conference this year but is shaping up to be a real powerhouse event in the Texas information security space.  They have assembled an all-star speaker lineup with a lot of great content.  Their inaugural conference will be held November 4th, 2010 at the Microsoft offices in Houston, TX.

Check here for more information about myself and other speakers as well as a registration link: HouSecCon

I will be giving a once-again-updated version of my “Smart Phones, Dumb Apps” presentation.  The abstract is:

Enterprises are targeting both internal users and customers with smartphone applications for platforms such as Apple iPhone and Google Android.  Many of these applications are constructed without fully considering the associated security implications of their deployment.  Breaches can impact both users as well as the enterprise distributing the application as attackers take advantage of expanded access to sensitive data and network services.  This talk discusses emerging threats associated with deploying  smartphone applications  and provides an overview of the threat modeling process.  The presentation then walks example applications from an attacker’s perspective demonstrating the sort of information they are able to extract allowing for more advanced attacks.

This is a fun talk and you can see a preview of slides and code here:  I’ll have updated material (even since the OWASP Austin LASCON event) so if you’ve seen it before I promise there will be new stuff.

Contact us if you would like to meet up in Houston.


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